The Best Chocolate Chip Cookie in Toronto

Downtown Toronto has some of our favourite local coffee and bake shops that we love to visit from time to time. On a Saturday afternoon Tatiana, our friend and business partner, Darryl, and I were strolling along Spadina Avenue searching for the next café to add to our list. After about ten minutes of walking, we came across Le Gourmand. The moment we walked into the store, the aroma of sweet pastries invited us to the counter and the beautiful rustic appeal of the entire room tied well with the artisanal goods on display.


An afternoon at Le Gourmand

Tati and Darryl ordered a regular coffee while I had the Nutella hot chocolate. As a treat, we shared two giant-sized chocolate chip cookies that Darryl recommended we try. We settled by the fireplace and shared a small wooden table for two.



I’ve tried a few Nutella hot chocolates, but this one was definitely the winner. I took a big sip of the drink without thinking about the potential third degree burn I would get. Surprisingly, my lips were unharmed. The hot chocolate was the right temperature. I usually don’t like having too much chocolate all at once, but the drink and the cookie complemented each other – the sweetness level was bearable.



The cookie’s crisp, brown edges were my favourite. As I got closer to the centre of the cookie, the warmer and softer it was. The small dollops of Nutella weren’t overpowering. Reminiscent of a large muffin top, the cookie was generous in size and thickness. Trust us when we say that this chocolate chip cookie was the best cookie we’ve ever indulged in. If you’re ever craving chocolate chip cookies or just feel like treating yourself, make your way to Le Gourmand to satisfy your cravings. What are your favourite local coffee shops? Let us know!

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