A New Year’s Revolution

We’ve all set New Year’s resolutions in the past, but how about a New Year’s revolution? I never took my resolutions seriously but now that I’m nearly done school, I want to get organized and prepare for the future. I was in a completely different place in my life last year: I was just finishing […]

DIY asymmetrical jeans hem

Source: TRENDSURVIVOR Everyone and their mama is rocking this trend. Instead of investing a lot of money in a pair of jeans, why not reuse a pair that you’ve tossed in the back of your closet and is now a home to a little village of tiny dust bunnies. This DIY will take you less than […]

Air Canada lost my luggage, and here’s what I bought

The Air Canada agent announced that the flight to Calgary was full, and naturally, couldn’t accommodate all passengers and their carry-on luggage. Passengers, much like myself, rarely check their bags nowadays as a protest against absurd fees. Instead, they bring more than the allotted two items on the plane–one of which is clearly an oversized […]

Modern Plum Holiday Makeup

I’ve noticed that every year around the holidays “classic festive” makeup tutorials pop up on every corner of social media. This timeless look is typically comprised of gold or silver eyeshadow with a striking lip (usually red). Even though this look is a classic, I’ve become somewhat bored of it. I appreciate trends but what excites […]

After a long three month hiatus, I’m finally back! I feel extremely guilty for having spent hours on Snapchat and Instagram and not enough time on 53 marcel. I’ve been struggling to feel genuinely happy lately — more specifically for the past seven months — and here’s why: Aside from enrolling in a Makeup Artist Diploma […]