My Baby, BunBun

When I turned 12 years old, my parents and Tati brought home a fuzzy,  2-year-old Cashmere Lop named BunBun. She was precious. Her small floppy ears were charcoal grey. She had the cutest little black nose; she was my baby girl. BunBun couldn’t be more perfect for our family–she loved to eat, sleep and snuggle up […]


One thing I love about living in Toronto is the fact that there are so many young, creative and passionate souls who are pursuing their dreams despite societal expectations. One of these passionate souls is my friend, Roy (founder of Prior Shop), and I couldn’t be happier for him. Roy and I met in high […]

Understanding cultural cringe

When faced with the question, “Where are you from?”, I tell people that I come from Mauritius. However, Mauritians are themselves a product of generations and generations of immigrants from the UK, France, India, China, and Africa–much like any island colonized by the British and/or French. With that being said, I’m predominantly Chinese-Mauritian followed by […]

Discovering brands: Happy Socks

Socks are underrated in the accessories department. I remember they were quintessential to a school uniform especially in Mauritius–the more ruffles, the better. I would fold them down once to accentuate the ruffles even more and pair them with my black Maryjane flats. Perhaps socks were a 90s phenomenon much like chokers were in 2016 […]

Bloom by Estée Lalonde

I remember the first time I watched one of Estée Lalonde’s videos and thinking, “I could listen to her speak for hours.” I was immediately captivated by how different her YouTube channel was from other beauty/lifestyle YouTubers. Whenever I watch her videos, I feel like we’re FaceTiming. I was ecstatic when I found out she was Canadian […]

Things I’m Bringing with Me in 2017

When I began brainstorming ideas for this year-end product review, I realized that the review would go on forever. So, I decided to create a list of items that hold a meaningful message and products that I have been recommending to my friends and family all year long.   Oh Estée, your book has changed my life. […]