Mad for Motives All Day Liquid Lipsticks

IMG_3261Before I get into my review of the Motives All Day Liquid Lipsticks, you should know that I never used to wear any lip tints or lipsticks on my lips apart from lip balm. I was paranoid that any other product  would feather and disappear into a big blotchy mess. I decided to step out of my comfort zone and test out some liquid lipsticks to see what all the hype and excitement was all about because suddenly, liquid lipsticks began to take over the industry.

I started my lipstick journey with nude colours and very slowly branched out into darker, more vibrant shades. When Motives Cosmetics announced that they were releasing liquid lipsticks, I couldn’t wait to see the collection!



I was able to test six of the nine shades from Motives and was incredibly impressed by the pigmentation of all six lipsticks. The product’s see-through packaging is extremely convenient as the colours you see on the outside are true-to-colour. The lipstick’s applicator is the perfect length and width making it perfect for an easy application.

What I love the most about the formula is the texture. It’s creamy, rich and glossy that applies smoothly on the lips and one coat is enough! The lipstick sets tacky, but you won’t have to worry about it feathering or being blotchy. After you’ve applied the product, the colour is going to stain your lips especially if it’s a darker shade like “Seduction”.



Overall, I’m pleasantly impressed with this product and I recommend that everyone try it. My favourite Nude shade is “Discrete” and for those of you who like bolder lipsticks, “Seduction” is definitely a must-try.

Find the lipsticks featured in this post here:


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