Modern Plum Holiday Makeup

I’ve noticed that every year around the holidays “classic festive” makeup tutorials pop up on every corner of social media. This timeless look is typically comprised of gold or silver eyeshadow with a striking lip (usually red). Even though this look is a classic, I’ve become somewhat bored of it.

I appreciate trends but what excites me most is uncovering an unfamiliar and, sometimes, unconventional “lowkey” one. Let’s take the classic holiday makeup look for example. I asked myself, “How can this look be modernized but still stay true to its elegance?”

Most of us know that during this time of year, a deep plum lip is in vogue. Well, let’s take this bold colour and make it the only statement of this reconstructed holiday makeup look. I actually think that heavy eyeshadow and daring lips are overwhelming when worn together.
Nothing screams “CHRISTMAS” like shimmery eyes. So how about a champagne eye look with a medium bronze wing? You could even add some depth to the crease by applying a copper shade that’s only 2 to 3 shades darker than your skin tone. Falsies are optional but if you’re in the mood to feel a bit more glam, throw them on girl! If not, apply a generous coat of mascara to the end of your lashes for a wispie effect.

Beautiful dewy skin with a simple eye to make the brows stand out
Fluffy brows and smudged bronze liner

To shape the face, let’s talk about brows! I’m a huge fan of strong eyebrows, so how about we bring back the 1980s Madonna brow? If you haven’t got naturally bushy eyebrows like the 80s Queen herself, pencil in hair-like strokes to mimic the scruffy look. And finally, luminous skin is trendy year-round so why not incorporate it? We could even go easy on the contour to bring all of the attention to the lips. Finish her off with a whole lot of setting spray and we’re done!

Scruffy brows
I love this deep lip

Being a makeup student has taught me to think outside of the box. I love a polished Holiday glam look but I sometimes find it to be a little overbearing. Try this look out this year and let me know what you think! Remember to always enhance your natural beauty because you’re just as beautiful with bare face!


Chic purple lips
Purple flowers for inspiration
Dewy skin & full brows 
Bronze wing
Scruffy brows
Deep plum lips

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