One thing I love about living in Toronto is the fact that there are so many young, creative and passionate souls who are pursuing their dreams despite societal expectations. One of these passionate souls is my friend, Roy (founder of Prior Shop), and I couldn’t be happier for him.

Roy and I met in high school in Mr Dalton’s grade nine Drama class, I think. We didn’t talk much except in Drama class and the occasional “Hey!” in the halls, but that was pretty much it.

When Roy founded Prior in 2014, it started off as a vintage Sportswear online store, and it quickly blew up in our school. You would often find students completing transactions in the halls and carrying around paper shopping bags with a stamp of the letter “P”.  It was a pretty genius idea. It’s amazing to see Prior take off and turn into an independent clothing line with already two collections!

This past Saturday, Prior Shop had a popup shop in the West end of the city for the debut of its Second Collection. The visual merchandising of the store was clean and contemporary. The front was brightly lit and minimal with only a few pieces on display. My favourite part of the store was their photo album room–at least that’s what I’m calling it. You could find BTS pictures of the Prior team and the design process. Roy explained to me that he wanted to add a personal touch to the store; I loved the way it was executed. There was also a room in between the front and back of the store that was airing an editorial lookbook of the collection.

These are the pieces from the collection that were available at the popup:

One of my favourite pieces from the collection is the yellow 9AM-5AM longsleeve; I’ve actually been wearing it every day since we bought it.

As Roy gave me a tour of the space, it felt so surreal. I can’t imagine how much hard work went into everything; from the conception of the idea to turning it all into something tangible. Throughout the tour, we spoke briefly about how much fun (and important) it is to connect with creative people who see the vision just like you do. I couldn’t agree more. I shared with Roy my struggles and challenges in mustering up the courage to realize the dreams and concepts I have in my mind. He responded by yelling, “Just go for it!”.

Ever since the popup shop, I haven’t been able to stop thinking about what I want to do with my life. Thank you, Roy, for showing everyone that dreams can turn into reality when you keep the vision at the centre of all of the hard work and have an unyielding desire to share your passion with others. I’m in awe at what you and everyone on your team has accomplished. We can’t wait for the next collection!

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