DIY asymmetrical jeans hem


Everyone and their mama is rocking this trend. Instead of investing a lot of money in a pair of jeans, why not reuse a pair that you’ve tossed in the back of your closet and is now a home to a little village of tiny dust bunnies. This DIY will take you less than 15 minutes and the end result is fantastic–who wouldn’t want to look like Kendall Jenner? That was of course a rhetorical question, and the answer is always yes. Always. 

Now you can go for the simple high-low hem or if you’re feeling adventurous like I was on that fateful Sunday, you can go crazy with your geometry. I decided to go for an indecisive high-low hem, and by indecisive, I mean, the hem didn’t know whether or not to be high-low or to remain all one length. One could argue, by looking at the hem of my jeans, that an 8-year-old was practicing their motor skills, but I like to call it artistic freedom. The great thing about this is, there’s absolutely no commitment. You can cut that shit off and make it a normal high-low or just one length whenever you so please to. 

Step 1
Use a pair of straight leg jeans or tapered. These look cooler with non-skinny jeans. I’m using a pair of Levi’s 501 that were way too long for me to begin with. Measure where you want the longest part to hit. I prefer ankle length because it shows a little bit of ankle and elongates the leg. These look so freaking cool with a pair of (heeled) ankle boots–heel is optional, but highly recommended for elongation purposes. Use chalk to mark where you’ll be cutting.

Step 2
Use fabric scissors (this is very important unless you want to be cursing your way through the entire fucking process). You can easily find a cheap pair at the dollar store. Denim is thick fabric and can be tricky to cut.

Step 3
Measure the other leg using the remains of what you’ve just cut. Pin that down and cut again. 

Step 4
Decide on the cut.

Step 5
Put these babies on. Instant dopeness.

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