Discovering brands: Happy Socks

Socks are underrated in the accessories department. I remember they were quintessential to a school uniform especially in Mauritius–the more ruffles, the better. I would fold them down once to accentuate the ruffles even more and pair them with my black Maryjane flats.

Perhaps socks were a 90s phenomenon much like chokers were in 2016 (#why2016).

Nonetheless, it remains a mystery to me how one transitions from adorable socks to boring white crew socks.

Furthermore, who decided men should dictate the sock game? Although socks are a gender neutral undergarment, I see that men dominate the game more than women. Ladies, it’s 2017, and I’ve got you covered. I have searched far and wide for unconventional socks in stores, but no other sock is comparable to Happy Socks (HS) in terms of price point, quality, and design. If your New Year’s resolution involves stepping up your sock game, you should check out the winter sale. HS is currently offering 30% off and free shipping. This Swedish brand manufactures their socks in Turkey, and uses high quality combed cotton which makes them washable and durable.

A pair of HS socks will cost on average CDN$14.00 regular price. The price may seem excessive to most, but, considering the craftsmanship, I believe it’s reasonable. If you calculate the cost per wear, the purchase is worth every penny.

CPW = Total cost of the item / Number of days you’ll wear it

I would not necessarily advise you to buy as many pairs as I did to start. I simply couldn’t resist the Black Friday sale.

  1. LUCKY sock:


Green horseshoes, wishbones, and four-leaf clovers
Vibe: patriotic Leprechaun feelin’ lucky
Recommended footwear: Chelsea boots

2. ALOHA sock:

Sunny and tropical colours like yellow, green, purple, pink and blue.
Vibe: on holiday with Bruno Mars
Recommended footwear: loafers

  1. COCKTAIL sock:

Hot pink socks spotted with martini glasses
Vibe: Cuban holiday and driving around town in a classic old Cuban car
Recommended footwear: sneakers

  1. HALF STRIPE sock:

Red, blue, and white stripes
Vibe: cool French girl
Recommended footwear: brogues

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