10 days in Greece: Sparta, Monemvasia, Athens

Greece was on my travel bucket list since high school. (Have you seen the masterpiece that is The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2? We all dream of having a Kostas in our lives.) I was given the opportunity to tag along with my best friend, Gina, for 10 days, and experience Greece like a […]

Air Canada lost my luggage, and here’s what I bought

The Air Canada agent announced that the flight to Calgary was full, and naturally, couldn’t accommodate all passengers and their carry-on luggage. Passengers, much like myself, rarely check their bags nowadays as a protest against absurd fees. Instead, they bring more than the allotted two items on the plane–one of which is clearly an oversized […]

Three things you need to pack

In exactly two days, Tati and I are travelling to Miami on business. Words cannot amount to the level of excitement leading up to the day we take off. We’re more than ready to soak up the heat and sun rays. Our short three day stay in Miami is going to be hectic but well […]