10 days in Greece: Sparta, Monemvasia, Athens

Greece was on my travel bucket list since high school. (Have you seen the masterpiece that is The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2? We all dream of having a Kostas in our lives.) I was given the opportunity to tag along with my best friend, Gina, for 10 days, and experience Greece like a […]

Five reminders to graduates

Convocation is around the corner. Before you know it, you’re walking across that stage, celebrating your four years of hard work, and immediately expected to become a full functioning adult in society. Suddenly, you’re faced with a swarm of questions. Do you have a job yet? What’s next? How much debt are you in now? […]

Understanding cultural cringe

When faced with the question, “Where are you from?”, I tell people that I come from Mauritius. However, Mauritians are themselves a product of generations and generations of immigrants from the UK, France, India, China, and Africa–much like any island colonized by the British and/or French. With that being said, I’m predominantly Chinese-Mauritian followed by […]

Discovering brands: Happy Socks

Socks are underrated in the accessories department. I remember they were quintessential to a school uniform especially in Mauritius–the more ruffles, the better. I would fold them down once to accentuate the ruffles even more and pair them with my black Maryjane flats. Perhaps socks were a 90s phenomenon much like chokers were in 2016 […]

DIY asymmetrical jeans hem

Source: TRENDSURVIVOR Everyone and their mama is rocking this trend. Instead of investing a lot of money in a pair of jeans, why not reuse a pair that you’ve tossed in the back of your closet and is now a home to a little village of tiny dust bunnies. This DIY will take you less than […]