The Best Chocolate Chip Cookie in Toronto

Downtown Toronto has some of our favourite local coffee and bake shops that we love to visit from time to time. On a Saturday afternoon Tatiana, our friend and business partner, Darryl, and I were strolling along Spadina Avenue searching for the next café to add to our list. After about ten minutes of walking, we came across Le […]

Three things you need to pack

In exactly two days, Tati and I are travelling to Miami on business. Words cannot amount to the level of excitement leading up to the day we take off. We’re more than ready to soak up the heat and sun rays. Our short three day stay in Miami is going to be hectic but well […]

Keeping Calm, Cool, and Cozy

Winter has made its way to Toronto and I can’t tell you the last time I felt this cold. I dread rolling out from underneath the warmth and comfort of my blanket to face the frosty air of the (poorly insulated) bathroom. My toes curl in my socks and bask in the heat as my […]

53 marcel: Stephanie

“Fashions fade, style is eternal.” Yves Saint Laurent    My first ever memory of developing my own sense of style was when I was eleven years old. My go-to outfit was an H&M green and pink striped hoodie, sparkly boot-cut jeans paired with my black Nike soccer shoes. I remember my sister telling me to […]