Brunching Baddies

Imagine every blogger’s dream brunch place. Now increase the room’s white balance to one thousand percent. Baddies Toronto is the place to be if you’re looking for a brunch joint that’s got a millennial flare. It’s situated in Bloordale Village  at 679 Lansdowne Avenue, Toronto, ON. They’re opened Monday through Saturday at 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM and closed on Sunday ‐ talk about great work/life balance. Speaking of balance, the black and white minimalist theme was broken up with quirky light blue wallpaper so the place felt cozy.

This wouldn’t be a hipster cafe without a fancy hot drinks menu. My friend, Lauren, ordered the vanilla latte and I got their house made sticky chai tea. I love ordering anything that has “house made” or “house special” in its name, anywhere I go. Most of the baristas had beards and wore plaid shirts, so I trusted that whatever they were making would be delicious. I was told that the chai tea bag was soaked in honey for a few minutes before it was steeped in water–such an elaborate process but it was worth it! It wasn’t too sweet and the frothy oat milk made the tea taste so light.

The menu items range from $4.50 to $11.00 and the portions are pretty sweet. Everything sounded delicious but I had my heart set on their hotcakes. This isn’t your typical pancakes and maple syrup duo..the Baddies hotcake is actually Instagram famous ‐ for good reason! The fluffy buttermilk vanilla bean hotcake arrives in a round rustic grey plate and it is fully loaded with edible flower petals, icing sugar, blackberries, almond slices and their fruit-of-the-day. There’s also a dollop of London Fog leche that sits in the middle of everything to sweeten every bite. (I don’t think there was enough leche on my hotcake so I would ask for more on the side.)

Lauren got the vegan chia pudding. Now, this isn’t your basic chia pudding. It’s Baddies, after all. It was served on a white round plate and it looked like it was sitting in a lake of pale yellow nectar on a spring day. There are three layers to the pudding: the foundation was chocolate avocado mousse, the middle layer was the chia pudding with oat milk and the whole thing was topped off with fresh pears and strawberries.


Another observation I made during our trip to Baddies is that the plates and mugs varied in size, shape and colour. It almost felt like I was having brunch at a friend’s apartment! Can’t wait to go back to Baddies, the smashed avocado is calling my name.

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