Baby products you need PT 1: soothing ointment

You haven’t lived if you haven’t tried baby products before. I, for one, will say that baby products are multipurpose and not ageist.

I thought it would be fitting to write a 3-part series on baby products that you should absolutely have at home. The first one I’m focusing on in this post saved my life. I may or may not be exaggerating the impact it had on me, but it did perform a miracle (pun intended – you’ll see why later…).

In April, I developed a rash on both of my hands because, naturally, one hand was jealous of the other and wanted in on this irritating skin action. I think it was either my eczema acting up or an allergic reaction to insect bites. By allergic reaction, I mean my hands blew up like Raven in that episode of That’s So Raven in which she participated in a cooking competition with her dad and accidentally consumed mushrooms and magically turned into a Muppet character (never underestimate the magic of Disney):

My hands were not only itchy, but also red, swollen, and numb. They were so swollen that I began to lose feeling in my hand. W. T. F. Right? I took it upon myself to be resourceful instead of going to my doctor and decided to use DNA Miracles Soothing Ointment. I heard great things about the ointment from friends who suffer from chronic eczema. I started to diligently apply it on the affected areas every hour on the hour, after every hand wash and shower (did that just rhyme?). The photographic evidence that will soon follow will either blow you away or disgust you or both. The photos are definitely NSFW:

Don’t say I didn’t warn you. I saw immediate effective results within a day. As you can see, my skin was less irritated and red. The ointment toned down the swelling. I still applied the ointment even when the itchiness went away to help with the discolouration. DNA Miracles Natural Soothing Ointment promises to help sooth skin and it delivered. No wonder with its natural ingredients like willow herb, shea butter and coconut oil, the ointment proves to be ideal for sensitive skin and for babies. I’ve even used it as lip balm.

Recommended for: diaper rash, bug bites, eczema, rash, burn, dry lips, dry skin, blister




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