2-Step Exfoliation Routine

Several hours ago, Tati and I got off an 18 hour bus ride from Greensboro, North Carolina to Toronto, Ontario. Needless to say, we were tired, sore, and filthy. What I wanted more than anything was to scrub my face until I felt clean again.

I was rummaging through a basket of skincare products that Tati and I collected in the bathroom and came across Formula 10.06’s “Three Times Sublime 3-in-1 Blackhead Mask” — an old love of mine. This is one of those products that you know you love but, for some unknown reason, lost touch with it. My skin was begging me to do a mask; my pores felt clogged and I needed to get rid of this feeling of uncleanliness.

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The instructions on the bottle advise that you apply the mask over a freshly cleansed face to optimize squeaky clean results. I quickly unpacked my toiletry bag and took out my trusty Skintelligence “hydra derm deep cleansing emulsion” and immediately began the exfoliation routine.

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I love rinsing my skin with hot water to open my pores which will allow for a deeper clean as I massaged the cleansing emulsion all over.  One thing I appreciate about this cleanser is that as you’re rubbing it in, there’s no foam! It’s a smooth application all around. Two minutes later, I rinsed off the product with the same temperature water. I instantly felt better.

After patting my face dry, I applied the mask. I like to focus on the areas where my blackheads and pores are more visible and where I tend to become the most oily. The light grapefruit scent is so refreshing and calming. The small beads in the mask are tough enough to exfoliate but also gentle enough to apply an even layer of product.

Left: Formula 10.06 Three Times Sublime | Right: Skintelligence hydra derm cleaning emuslion

Wait about ten minutes, or when the clay and your skin feed tight/hard! I highly recommended that you rinse this mask off in the shower. You’ll feel so refreshed and rejuvenated tout de suite!

This regime was a lifesaver. It helped ease off the feeling of exhaustion and boosted my energy!

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